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How To Build RC Helicopter Training Gear e-Book

Building Your Own RC Helicopter Training Gear is fast, easy, and fun. You can build a set for a fraction of what a store bought set costs.

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USD 5.95

4.4MB PDF File

This E-Book is a great resource for anyone who is learning to fly RC helicopters and is in the market for RC Helicopter Training Gear. You can Purchase a set of training gear from a hobby shop of course, but you can build your own set of training gear for a fraction of what a store bought set costs. It's fast, easy, and fun.

This e-Book showes how anyone can turn out a nice and very functional set of RC helicopter training gear using simple materials that can be purchased anywhere. The book's 25 pages are fully illustrated with step by step instructions, how to size the gear to specific helicopters, materials list, tips, and much more.

A very helpful book at a very low price.

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